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1 - Title card! So, PB keep the royal pudding in a storage room.

2 - The pictures on the wall are interesting, is that PB’s grandma? Also, there’s a gumball machine (pffff) and a gramophone. Everyone seems to have gramophones in Ooo.

3 - More interesting pictures, persumably there’s a whole line of bubble gum people. If PB made the candy people, who made her?

4 - I would listen to her.

5 - The nut castle’s looking pretty great. The trees are growing from giant nuts. 

6 - Oh, here’s that squirrel. It’s a holographic newspaper. Jake seems to know of some really fancy food.

Coq au vin:




Foie gras:


Steak frites:


7 - The meeting place is on top of a mountain. Sometimes I think we should do posts solely on the amazing scenery.

8 - Does Lumpy Space count as part of Ooo?

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