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  • 'Everybody Knows Your Name' completelynegates the Cuban Missle Crisis theory but later Cold War theories are still stronger than ever. Cheers came out in 1982. That opening was not just a reference, but probably very relevant to the time period, as Simon clearly watched Cheers before.Any theory regarding pre-1982 (pre-1983 more like it) tension is automatically negated. Audio playing greeting cards came out in 1975, for even more reference for the time period.
  • That leaves the AU-result of the Korean War Lines Flight 007 as a very large candidate: "On Sept. 1, 1983, Korean Air Lines Flight 007 was shot down by Soviet jet fighters. On the 26th, a Soviet early warning station under the command of Stanislav Petrov falsely detected 5 inbound  intercontinental ballistic missiles from the US. Petrov correctly assessed the situation as a false alarm, and hence did not report his finding to his superiors. It is quite possible that his actions prevented "World War III", as the Soviet policy at that time was immediate nuclear response upon discovering inbound ballistic missiles.
  • I have a feeling that the last name Petrikov is fairly important. As mentioned in the Poland City post, if manipulated just a bit could be that said city’s name. In addition, the name Stanislav Petrov as well as his actions are very, very relevant. He’s the person in real-life who could have very well ended the world. If my theory is correct, such as he in our world prevented that, so did Simon in the AU timeline. While not necessarily having anything to do with the actual war from what we know, Simon is still presumably important in some sort of world event. You can’t just coat an entire town in snow/ice irregularly without some backlash.
- Sean/Scar Post

Piotrków Trybunalski is a city in Poland. Architecture looks quite familiar, huh? An interesting and possibly non-coincidental  part is the name variations:

"The town has been known in Yiddish as Petrikev, in German as Petrikau, and in Russian as Петроков or Petrokov

Maybe it’s on purpose .Is Petrikov a common name in the first place? If not, using a name close to the city but not the city itself would be more effective than saying it outright, right? I bet Simon moved around a lot.

(However unlikely, I’m okay with this.)

On The Mushroom War

There we go folks, all pre-September 1982 theories are automatically negated. That’s the month in which Cheers was first aired. Realistically, it’s more like anything pre-1983. I mean, it took awhile to gain popularity. So many theories are literally proving themselves to me right now oh my god. Will post once me and Sean both agree and find some proof.

1 - Title card! So, PB keep the royal pudding in a storage room.

2 - The pictures on the wall are interesting, is that PB’s grandma? Also, there’s a gumball machine (pffff) and a gramophone. Everyone seems to have gramophones in Ooo.

3 - More interesting pictures, persumably there’s a whole line of bubble gum people. If PB made the candy people, who made her?

4 - I would listen to her.

5 - The nut castle’s looking pretty great. The trees are growing from giant nuts. 

6 - Oh, here’s that squirrel. It’s a holographic newspaper. Jake seems to know of some really fancy food.

Coq au vin:




Foie gras:


Steak frites:


7 - The meeting place is on top of a mountain. Sometimes I think we should do posts solely on the amazing scenery.

8 - Does Lumpy Space count as part of Ooo?

1 - Title card! Marceline has a great dress

 2 - I-Is that a dragon skeleton!?

3 - Marceline’s attractive face

4 - This guy, at one point, had a wife, a kid, and surprisingly, a normal cat. The piano doesn’t look that old. Maybe the guy’s divorced.

5  - What would you even call that body of water? A swamp, lake, a river?

6 - I know it’s a graveyard, but I think someone on the staff really likes candles. Is that some sort of wind chime or charm hanging from the tree. It seems a bit tribal

7 - Strawberry fields. (Forever.)

1 - Title Card

2 - Some sort of desert-like dry area leading to the forest and city both.

3 - Cool architecture. Seems medieval. My first thought was to look back at the tape from Holly Jolly Secrets first though.  And are those spikes?

4 - A mutated human, he has no neck.

5 - A skeleton of what is most likely the human that ruled then city. He’s surrounded by riches.It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since he died, as Penny even knew about him. He may also have been able to use magic.

6 - An organ along with weapons and jewelry

7 - Holy shit a gun, it seems like it had been used recently. Penny is terrifying

(The following is based on this screenshot from ‘The Witch’s Garden.’)

We’re probably looking too far into it, but if I’m not, this is great. 

The beginning letters on the license plate may not be random. ‘EP’ were the letters used for ‘The Office Of Emergency Planning’ 

  • National Security Resources Board (1949-53)
  • Office of Defense Mobilization (1950-53)
  • Office of Defense Mobilization (1953-58)
  • Office of Defense and Civilian Mobilization (1958)
  • Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization (1958-61)
  • Office of Emergency Planning (1961-68)
This is going with the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ theory I have, and that whole thing took place in 1962, the second year of the renaming to the OEP. 

396.3 Records of OEP Regional Offices 

History: Eight regional offices established under Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization, 1958. Continued under Office of Emergency Planning, 1961, and Office of Emergency Preparedness, 1968, with jurisdictions and headquarters as follows (Note: Full table wouldn’t work, so we just listed Santa Rosa, see the rest at source):

Santa Rosa, CA: AS, AZ, CA, GU, HI, NV, UT

"Santa Rosa continued as a major center for civil defense activity (under the Office of Emergency Planning and the Office of Emergency Preparedness) until 1972”
We base our theory on AT being set in the west coast, particularly California, and Santa Rosa is where one of those offices reside.
If they’re not random numbers on the plate, perhaps we have found yet another clue to the setting of Ooo and the year the Mushroom War occurred.   

1 - Title Card (For my favorite S1 episode!)

2 - The straw is literally frozen to the side of the cup

3 - Candy Kingdom looks like a monarchy even without knowing it is.

4 - Looks diseased (but not snowed on). Nice details.

5 - “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” I’m pretty sure only the Ice King can hear that. It’s probably not about being jailed either.

6 - A jail cell, possibly a shelter.

7 - Ice King draws a heart with two figures in it. If you look change the brightness and contrast, the figures are a guy and a girl, and both human. Interesting.

8 - Poop and Bladders. They blocked it out when ever it was shown the right way, so I flipped it.

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